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Ron DeSantis waited until the media was fully consumed with Trump’s indictment to make a move to repeal Florida’s resign-to-run law, which prevents current public officials from seeking other offices while serving in their current office.

Florida Statutes Section 99.012 (3) states:

“No person may qualify as a candidate for more than one public office, whether federal, state, district, county, or municipal, if the terms or any part thereof run concurrently with each other.” — Florida Department of State

DeSantis has been in flagrant violation of Florida law while campaigning across the country, even planning trips overseas to sign Florida-specific legislation.

Senate bill 7050 was introduced today by the Ethics and Elections subcommittee.

The move, although anticipate with those familiar with DeSantis’ thirst for control, is at risk to be lost in the news cycle because of the unprecedented indictment of former President Trump.

So don’t let this move to steal more power and keep his death-grip on Florida go unanswered.

Call/write your state representatives (Florida House and Senate) and tell them that the Governor must serve our state, not spend his taxpayer-funded salary and time running for President.

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